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This website contains information in English on products provided by their manufacturer. These products are representative of the prescription drug products marketed in Japan. The Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA) manages the website. Please read the following before accessing the website.


1. Information aimed at medical professionals:

The English product information contained in this website is specialist information intended for physicians, dentists and pharmacists. It is not intended to be understood by the general public.

2. Access to the information:

Acrobat Reader 4.0 is required to view the PDF English product information. However, as certain special characters may be garbled, you should download the Asian Font Pack (Japanese) from the Adobe website and install it in your computer.

3. Scope of translated information:

This website contains English translations of Japanese package inserts. However, for some drugs, these translations might not include all original information.

4. Scope of application of the information:

The product information contained in the website is based on the details of approvals granted in Japan. In some cases, the approval details in countries other than Japan are different.

5. Copyright on the English product information:

The copying, reproduction or distribution of the information contained in the website is prohibited.

6. Inquiries:

The product information is regularly updated. When the latest information is required, please contact the manufacturer directly.

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